Success With Start-Bee

The last time I wrote on the subject of teaching handwriting correctly, I was trialing our handwriting scheme in a couple of schools including Down Hall Primary School in Essex.

I went back there in September to see how the Year 1’s and Year 2’s were getting on and the results were impressive, far exceeding expectations in some cases.  You can see for yourself here (Year 1’s) and here (Year 2’s).  But in summary:

After only six months of using Start-Bee, of the 41, Year 2 pupils:
  • the clear majority of pupils (63% of Year 2’s in this case) have improved their handwriting
  • in some cases, the progress has been dramatic – with 11, Year 2’s (26%) writing to the standard of KS1 (denoted by a 4)
  • one child is writing to the expected standard of KS2
After only two terms of learning to write using Start-Bee, of the 30, Year 1 pupils:
  • the clear majority of pupils (66%) are either actually or very nearly meeting the expected standard for KS1
  • 12 pupils (40%) of pupils are handwriting to the expected standard for KS1

The expectation is that ALL of the Year 1 pupils will be writing in a joined up, legible and effortless script by the end of July 2017.  We’ll be letting you know how they’re getting on at the Education Show  in March 2017.

Congratulations Down Hall.  Keep up the good work!

Southend Echo Down Hall