Start-Bee Get It Write 15

Start-Bee Get It Write 15 is ideal for schools with classes of up to 15 pupils and for those that want to address handwriting right across the school.

Halley Primary's Year 1's enjoying a Start-Bee Lesson

Start-Bee’s most comprehensive product includes everything you need to progress the handwriting of your pre-school and Reception children right through to Year 6.  With four programmes – including an intervention programme – to work through Start-Bee 15 has the flexibility to be run as a free flow or more structured working lesson and as breakaway handwriting booster sessions that some schools choose to deliver as after-schools clubs.

Run in accordance with our recommendations, this programme guarantees any child* will progress their writing from making marks to the expected outcomes for KS2 at the end of 2 years

Handwriting Station & Specialist Stationery and Equipment

As with all Start-Bee’s handwriting scheme products, each programme is delivered using a combination of streamed lessons (e-learning videos) and practical exercises that include specifically chosen tools.  Each item of stationery and equipment has been carefully selected to build fine and gross motor skills and promote physical dexterity whilst creating a positive association with handwriting.  Presented in the Start-Bee Schools Handwriting Station, this mobile container stores everything, from experience and research, that’s needed to teach every child, including Dyslexic and SEND pupils, how to write whilst having fun.

You can view a Year 1 lesson from Halley Primary School, London by clicking on the image above.

Priced at £1,232 per term in the first year dropping to £350 per term thereafter, Get It Write 15 gives you everything plus the flexibility you need to progress the handwriting of your pre-school and reception children right through to Year 6.