Start-Bee First Steps Plus

Designed for both Reception and Year 1 pupils, this level entry programme is designed to teach handwriting to groups of up to five pupils within a typical free-flow lesson for a class of up to 30 children.

Ashingdon Primary's Reception pupils enjoying their Start-Bee lesson

The programme has been carefully designed to make handwriting both fun, effective and easy to do. Progressing younger pupils from making marks to joining up their letters, when run in accordance with our recommendations, the programme guarantees every* child will be writing in a joined-up script by the end of Year 1.

Each lesson starts a five-minute pre-recorded instruction.  From there, children work in teams of five and spend up to five minutes at one of four or five creative stations (each one designed to help them writing their name, master handwriting or strengthen their fine and gross motor skills).

Watch Ashingdon Primary Academy’s Reception pupils enjoying their Start-Bee lesson by clicking on the image above.

Start-Bee First Steps Plus costs £1,230 + VAT (or three term-time payments of £430.50) in the first year and then £350 + VAT for each subsequent year thereafter.  As with all handwriting scheme programmes, First Steps comes with all the necessary handwriting tools and equipment to progress your pupils from making marks to writing letters.