Start-Bee Booster

Start-Bee’s handwriting intervention programme, Start-Bee Booster, is designed for primary aged pupils who need extra help with their handwriting.

Start-Bee Booster and Handwriting Intervention Programme
Operating as a breakaway handwriting booster session for individual pupils or for groups of up five, handwriting booster sessions take up to 30 minutes to complete and can be run during or after school.

Run in accordance with Start-Bee’s recommendations, the 197 lessons in the Start-Bee Booster programme will progress a child’s writing from making marks to writing in a legible, fluent script.  As you can see from the image above.

Hear how Start-Bee Booster boosted this pupil’s handwriting within 2 months by clicking on the image above.

Priced at £1,410 + VAT (or three term-time payments of £493.50) in the first year and then £350 + VAT for each subsequent year thereafter, Booster comes with all the necessary handwriting tools and equipment to get your pupils writing with ease.