Fast & Fluent Handwriting Programme

Start-Bee’s Fast & Fluent handwriting programme is designed for those older pupils who are already confidently and correctly joining up their letters. Start-Bee's Fast & Fluent handwriting programme

Created for those children that have already mastered joined-up handwriting, this e-learning programme helps pupils to develop an automatic script that is legible, fluent and FAST!

When handwriting becomes automatic it frees pupils to focus on the content of the writing, not the act, thereby wholly directing their attention towards the work to be completed in lessons, assessments and SATs.  For the confident handwriter, this programme speeds up their handwriting so that they can easily complete an A4 page of legible text in under ten minutes.  This will help the pupil complete exams confidently and in time.  Research (Mason, 1991) suggests that a writing speed of 17 words per minute is needed in order for an individual to complete a typical school exam within the allotted time frame.

Price upon application

(Can only be purchased alongside existing Start-Bee products)