Handwriting Schemes and Programmes

It’s very easy to run a Start-Bee session. All the equipment is there, it’s all set up and ready to go.  Delivering the programme as e-lessons frees me up to focus on the children, their handwriting and pencil grip rather than running the lesson myself.”  Mr Iain Jude Years 1 and 2 Teacher, Down Hall Primary School, Rayleigh 

Start-Bee’s Handwriting Scheme for Schools combines pre-recorded e-lessons with practical exercises, stationery and specialist equipment to make the teaching and learning of handwriting effortless, enjoyable and exceed expectations.

Designed in conjunction with infant and primary school teachers, Start-Bee’s Handwriting Scheme for Schools has been designed to effectively bring a Start-Bee handwriting specialist into the classroom by delivering prepared lessons via the web.  Start-Bee’s lesson plans dispenses with the need for existing handwriting expertise.  Instead, the delivery of the handwriting programmes is placed in the expert hands of a Start-Bee peer-to-peer tutor, leaving teachers free to guide and direct the pupils rather than teach the class.

With Start-Bee any teacher, regardless of skill or expertise, can teach a handwriting lesson to a consistent standard.  It’s an approach that has been proven to deliver the right results, every time.

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