School Testimonials

Start-Bee has spent five years testing, developing and perfecting the handwriting lessons, product and delivery technique.  In that time, hundreds of children have learned to master joined up handwriting. Start-Bee works and has life-changing results.

Want to see Start-Bee in action?  School visits can be arranged to our client schools in the following counties: London, Hertfordshire, Northamptonshire, West Midlands, Essex, Middlesex, Derbyshire, Warwickshire, Lincolnshire and Bedfordshire – please get in touch for further details.

Here’s what teachers have to say about Start-Bee:

“A previous OFSTED Inspection highlighted inconsistencies in our teaching of writing, including handwriting, which resulted in the school being graded as RI (Requires Improvement). The issue we had and still have is that many of our teachLouers have not been trained to teach handwriting so, like most schools, we were using an off-the-shelf handwriting scheme as part of our school’s handwriting policy. The problem was the scheme wasn’t all-encompassing and, with basic elements missing, teachers, who were less experienced in teaching the subject, struggled to use it. Start-Bee does not require our teachers to be handwriting specialists or specially trained to implement its programmes. So far, the results at Down Hall have been outstanding. I cannot recommend Start-Bee highly enough.”

Mrs Lou Nelson, Headteacher, Down Hall Primary School, Essex

*View the progress Down Hall pupils have made here (Year 1’s) and here (Year 2’s) in 2 terms and six months respectively

To achieve an Ofsted grade of Outstanding for Teaching, Learning and Assessment, the inspection handbook says,  ‘Teachers are determined that pupils achieve well. They encourage pupils to try hard, recognise their efforts and ensure that pupils take pride in allKaren aspects of their work.’  To achieve Outstanding for Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare, children need to show, ‘Pupils are confident, self-assured learners. Their excellent attitudes to learning have a strong, positive impact on their progress. They are proud of their achievements and of their school.’  Handwriting is key for us to achieve this. We are aiming to be an outstanding academy and improving our children’s handwriting will help them to showcase their achievements in the best possible way and be proud of their progress.  This is why we are using Start-Bee’s handwriting scheme across every year group from EYFS right through to Year 6.” 

Mrs Kelly Vaughan, Vice Principal, Jubilee Academy Mossley, Walsall

“Since using Start Bee we have seen a great deal of progress not only in the pupils’ engagement with handwriting but also in their approach to handwriting. Their pencil grip has improved, their attitude to learning has increased and their enjoyment of the interactive lessons shines through. When we first started with Start Bee, what we didn’t expect was that it would become an integral part of our intervention strategies and that we would be able to roll it out across the department. It’s become an essential part of our toolbox. It’s been successful not only in the progress pupils have made but in stimulating their love of writing. It’s really important to them to do the writing correctly and they enjoy the structure of the session.

Working with children with special education needs highlights the need to ensure that all learning styles are supported when using interventions. With Start Bee, all learning styles are incorporated – they have the auditory information and visual modelling on the videos and they have the kinesthetic approach through actually trying it out for themselves. The structure of the sessions and the ability to either work pattern by pattern or on 2-3 patterns in a lesson, through the intervention route, ensures that all pupils are considered. I know that we are at the start of a very long and successful journey with Start bee and it is exciting to see what opportunities this opens for our pupils.”  Nicola Parker, Literacy Coordinator/Handwriting Ambassador and Assistant Head for Billing Brook School, Northampton

“The children were struggling with the physicality of handwriting – holding a pencil and forming letters – and this was affecting their confidence in the classroom.  Using Start-Bee, progress has been phenomenal. One little boy who has struggled to form letters is now writing his name.”  Ruth Botterill, EYFS Phase Leader, Thomas Arnold Primary School, Dagenham

“Handwriting is really important. Children who haven’t a good grasp of handwriting are prevented from putting their thoughts down on paper which slows them down…. The difference Start Bee has made to these children? It has increased their confidence, improved their participation and behaviour in class as well as their engagement with other subjects like reading and desk work in general. They’re much more willing to try in other subjects knowing that they are already succeeding elsewhere, in handwriting, with Start-Bee”  John Halliwell, Headteacher, Thomas Arnold Primary School, Dagenham