Start-Bee Works

Start-Bee has spent over five years testing, developing and perfecting the lessons, product and delivery technique.  In that time the company has helped hundreds of children learn to write.  The system works and has life-changing results.

Case Study – Primary School


Ayomikun is a five year old whose reading ability is far advanced for her age.  However, when she first came to Start-Bee, her handwriting abilities were non-existent and she did everything she could to avoid writing.  Holding a pencil like a banana, flipping it from right to left hand, unsurprisingly, Ayomikun found it physically impossible to make a simple line on a sheet of paper or make a mark; she couldn’t even colour in. Within two months of attending weekly, one hour Start-Bee sessions, this little girl not only could write her own name but was also able to hold a pencil correctly.  Fascinated with the Higgles Creative Station, she created her own spelling sheets from the images she saw in front of her.  Finally, her newly developed handwriting skills were on a par with her reading skills.  Now Start-Bee and Ayomikun are working on creating sizing grids so that she can size her letters correctly and keep them on a line.  She is also working on the correct entry and exit strokes for the letters in the alphabet.  Her confidence has soared and her concentration skills have also improved; she will quite happily sit down for an hour practicing her patterns and writing words.  You can see her progress here.  She is a Start-Bee success.

Case Study – Secondary School

adamwithbookAdam came to Start-Bee struggling to read his own handwriting.  Within only three, one-hour Start-Bee Handwriting Club sessions, he transformed his spidery scrawl into a clear, fluent and legible script that he was so proud of.  Watching Adam develop his handwriting skills over the three weeks was wonderful to see but even more powerful was Adam’s growing confidence in himself.  He reported that he was getting ten out of ten for his maths tests as his teacher could now clearly see that a nine was, indeed, a nine and that all his numbers were written clearly too.

Start-Bee sees children like Adam all the time and they all blossom as soon as their handwriting skills improve.  The confidence and the newly acquired skill has a ripple effect that spreads out into every aspect of their learning lives and their personal lives too.  This is the power of handwriting and developing this life skill, it never leaves you once you have learned and mastered it.