Start-Bee First Steps Plus (Follow On Handwriting Kit and Programme for KS1–Year 1):

Our  Handwriting  Scheme includes  the Start-Bee Handwriting Kits  (First Steps, First  Steps Plus  and Booster)  and  the Start-Bee Handwriting Stations (Large 30 and Small 15) with re-usable resources and exercises accompanied by the e-learning Programmes via the classroom Interactive Whiteboard The exercise master sheets  in each  of  our  Handwriting Kits can be re-used for many years which will save the school money, as we do not sell expensive copy books that can only be used once.

Our re-usable exercise sheets negate the mass photocopying of handwriting sheets too.

 Start-Bee First Steps Plus is the “Follow On” Programme for KS1, after your pupils have worked through the First Steps Programme in EYFS – Reception, which delivers the All Joined-Up!

Handwriting Exercises in Year 1 (ages 5 to 7). We recommend your children first work through the First Steps Programmes, before deciding on which follow on product would be suitable for your school’s needs. We have a First Steps Plus Kit (this will deliver to groups of five children, but continuing the Free Flow Lesson Format) or a Start-Bee Handwriting Station (30 or 30 plus) which will deliver to a full class of 30 children in a 30 minute structured lesson format.


First Steps Plus includes the Start-Bee All Joined-Up! Programme and the All Joined-Up! Spelling Programme, to ensure the children are transferring all their handwriting knowledge to reinforce their legibility and fluency. Read more…