Start-Bee Booster (Handwriting Kit and Intervention Programme for KS1 and KS2):

Our Handwriting scheme includes the Start-Bee Handwriting Kits (First Steps, First Steps Plus and Booster) and the Start-Bee Handwriting Stations (Large 30 and Small 15) with re-usable resources and exercises accompanied by the e-learning Programmes via the classroom Interative Whiteboard. The exercise master sheets in each of our Handwriting Kits can be re-used for many years which will save the school money, as we do not sell expensive copy books that can only be used once.
Our Re-usable exercise sheets negate the mass photocopying of handwriting sheets too.

The Start-Bee Booster Kit is used by schools that want to deliver a Handwriting Intervention Programme, to those childen in Years 2 to Year 6 that need that little bit of extra help with handwriting. It can be used in small breakaway groups (up to five pupils) with the school SENCO or a TA, as a Handwriting Breakfast Club or Lunch Club or even a Handwriting After School Club (by invitation only). These run for no more than ten to fifteen minutes per session, using the Start-Bee instructions and no timer Lessons delivered on a laptop, iPad or on an Interactive Whiteboard.

The Star-Bee Booster Kit includes the resources and the following Programmes: Patterns Programme, Lowercase Letters Programme, Uppercase Letters Programme, All Joined-Up! 
Programme and the All Joined-UP! Spelling Programmed too.