Start-Bee’s Handwriting Scheme for Schools consists of four programmes plus a handwriting intervention programme (Basics Bootcamp) and a Handwriting Match Fit Assessment TM.  The step-by-step scheme has been designed to effectively bring a Start-Bee handwriting specialist into the classroom by delivering prepared lessons via the web.  Start-Bee’s lesson plans dispenses with the need for existing handwriting expertise.  Instead, the delivery of the handwriting programmes is placed in the expert hands of a Start-Bee peer-to-peer tutor, leaving teachers free to guide and direct the pupils rather than teach the class. It’s an approach that has been proven to deliver the right results, every time.

It͛s very easy to run a Start-Bee session. All the equipment is there, it͛s all set up and ready to go. Delivering the programme as e-lessons frees me up to focus on the children, their handwriting and pencil grip rather than running the lesson myself. Mr Iain Jude Years 1 and 2 Teacher, Down Hall Primary School, Rayleigh

Handwriting Station

Each programme is delivered using a combination of streamed lessons (e-learning videos) and practical exercises that include specifically chosen tools that build physical dexterity whilst engendering a positive association with handwriting, making it a flexible scheme which can easily be accessed in the classroom environment.  Presented in the Start-Bee Schools Handwriting Station, this mobile container stores everything, from experience and research, that’s needed to teach every child, including Dyslexic and SEN pupils, how to write whilst having fun.

Streamed lessons

Start-Bee’s lessons are divided into four programmes: Basics Bootcamp (intervention), Handwriting for Beginners, Letters Write and All Joined Up.  Each programme is designed to progress the learner from making marks to writing in a joined up, fluent script. There are two versions of the step-by-step programme to choose from: one aimed at children in Years 1 and 2 and one aimed at EYFS which has a more unstructured approach and gives the teacher more flexibility in a classroom with a small area for desk work.  Basics Bootcamp, as an intervention programme, has been designed for pupils, of whatever age, who are struggling with handwriting or need to be fast-tracked through the basics so that they able to form letters correctly, painlessly and effortlessly.

1.  Handwriting for Beginners (preparing for handwriting)

Delivered in EYFS, this programme is designed for those children who are starting school and works with the Start-Bee Schools Handwriting Station to ensure every learner masters the essential basics that are key to developing a handwriting style that is legible, neat and effortless; a skill that’s necessary for a child to progress in all aspects of their early education.

Watch pupils in Halley Primary School’s EYFS enjoying a Start-Bee lesson by clicking on the image below.

2.  Letters Write (mastering letter formation)

Delivered in EYFS to Reception Pupils, this programme develops a pupil’s handwriting skills so that they become Emergent Handwriters in Year 1.  Emergent Handwriters are those pupils who have a firm grasp of handwriting basics but need to develop their fluency and legibility further to give them the “edge” when transcribing notes and completing exam papers.

Watch Ashingdon Primary Academy’s Reception pupils enjoying their Start-Bee lesson.

3.  All Joined-Up (creating joined-up script)

Delivered in Year 1 and Year 2, this programme is designed for Emergent Handwriters who have already completed Handwriting Preparedness and Letters Write programmes.  The programme progesses the confident handwriter from joining up whole words in sentences to writing complete paragraphs.  Now they are on the way to becoming a fast, fluent and neat handwriter.

See a Year 1 lesson from Halley Primary School, London by clicking on the image below.

4.  Basics Bootcamp (Intervention Programme)

This is Start-Bee’s fast-track Handwriting Intervention programme delievered to pupils in Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 who need:

  • to be fast-tracked through Handwriting Preparedness
  • to be fast-tracked through the correct entry and exit strokes of letters for corrective repair/intervention
  • to achieve the required attainments as outlined by the Standards & Testing Agency 2016 (Teacher assessment exemplification: end of Key Stage 1 English Writing)

You can watch a sample lesson by clicking on the image below.  These pupils are in Year 4 at Ashingdon Primary Academy in Essex.

5.  Fast & Fluent (speeding up handwriting)

Delivered in Year 2 and Year 3, this programme is designed for those pupils who have already completed Handwriting Preparedness, Letters Write and All Joined-Up programmes.

Created for those children that have already mastered joined-up handwriting, this e-learning programme works with Start-Bee Schools Handwriting Station to develop a script that is legible and fluent as well as ensure handwriting is an automatic, natural process.  When handwriting becomes automatic it frees pupils to focus on the content of the writing, not the act, thereby wholly directing their attention towards the work to be completed in lessons, assessments and SATS.  For the confident handwriter, this programme also speeds up their handwriting so that the pupil can easily complete an A4 page of legible text in under ten minutes.  This will help the pupil complete exams confidently and in time.  Research (Mason, 1991) suggests that a writing speed of 17 words per minute is needed in order for an individual to complete a typical school exam within the allotted time frame.

Working towards the specific requirements of the UK’s DfE and Standards & Testing Agency 2016, the programme is designed to ensure a pupil is:

  • able to write an A4 page of handwritten text that is legible, in under ten minutes
  • be able to write at a speed of 17 words per minute

Live Q&A for teacher CPD

Start-Bee’s Handwriting Scheme also includes weekly live Q&A sessions so that teachers can ask for advice or discuss any particular issues they are encountering during the week when they are facilitating the Start-Bee Handwriting lessons.  This will ensure that each and every teacher builds their handwriting teaching skills and their CPD to become a Handwriting Specialist Teacher (learning as they use the scheme, without the need for attending external training events).

Start-Bee not in your school yet?  Get in touch at to learn more about licensing our handwriting scheme for schools.


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