Handwriter’s Block?

For everyone, handwriting should be effortless, enjoyable and legible.  For one in three children that’s not the case, but how can you tell?

As a rule of thumb:


If by the age of five, a child is:

  • struggling to write their own name
  • having difficulty shaping their letters correctly
  • not holding the pencil correctly
  • flipping from hand to hand with their pencil (unable to decide which hand to use when writing/colouring in/making simple marks)
  • struggling to make clear, strong continuous lines/patterns

If by the age of seven:

  • their hands ache when they write a few lines
  • they are unable to join up their letters
  • can’t write more than a paragraph after five minutes
  • they do not know the correct way to create the letters (entry and exit strokes) eg. The letter “a” looks like an “o” with a line shooting out of it and other strange letter formations that don’t “look right”
  • they confuse letters, for example, a “d” is written the “wrong way round” and becomes a “b”
  • the sizings of their letters are not clear (some letters are much larger than other letters even though they should all be of a similar size)
  • some letters are written above the line when they should go over the line eg. Common letters that are written above the line like “y”, “g”, “j” and “q” and they seem to “rise” above all the other letters
  • their letters and words are not clear and it is difficult to read their handwriting
  • they do not enjoy handwriting at all and have created their own coping/deflection strategies to do anything else but their written work

…then Start-Bee can fix it!

How can you tell if a child is struggling with handwriting? This video will help.